Luxuria [λαγνεία]

The Succubus


Emotion given form, λαγνεία or Luxuria as she was called by the Romans is the physical embodiment of carnal Lust. Standing at 5’10" with her wings folded she’s nearly the idealized perfection of a woman, busty and well shaped with with Mediterranean olive skin, piercing red eyes and silken black hair. She might pass for a very beautiful human if not for the 3 foot bat shaped wings of black shadow coming out of her shoulder blades. When the club encountered her she was wearing a black slip dress that left her back completely exposed. She was bare footed with long black silken gloves covering her hands.


During her first encounter with the Occult Investigation Club she ensorcelled Eve leading her to rape Bo and through emotional tampering induced Casey into a frenzy injuring Cassandra. She then proceeded to violate Yuki with an orgasm inducing kiss before being banished by Angelina Rodenburg. It seems her powers fail to function against people she calls, “innocents” like Rhiannon. Also she seems, as true to her nature, very easily distracted.

Luxuria [λαγνεία]

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