Andrew Cavanaugh

Casey's Father


Casey Cavanaugh’s Father

A rough and tumble man, Andrew stands taller than most other people and wider too, with a blue collar worker’s build, he looks like a man who’s gotten into more than a few fights and come out on top. He’s got rough dirty blond hair and blue-grey eyes, which is son inherited. He tends to jeans and flannel shirts over t-shirts in a sort of woodsy blue collar look.


Having come to the school when his son Casey disappeared, the Occult Investigation Club has noticed that Andrew is a text book scumbag. He got into an argument with the headmaster, shoving the man in the manner of someone looking to brawl, and made no effort at all to hide his leering at Natelie’s mother despite the fact that his wife was standing right next to him. He seems hyper protective of his wife in the manner of possessive abuse relationships, not letting her talk to anyone.

Andrew Cavanaugh

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