Entry while High

I know Starflower knows death is better than life. Know how I know? Gardening. I just said all that to myself. Death is better than life because I love my mommy.

It’s only about life at the start… see, you plant the things you want to grow, then you cut out and dig up the things that threaten it. Like people. No, wait… not people. Weeds. And bugs. Except for when you have the plants that eat bugs. Bugs eat plants, plants eat bugs. I eat sandwiches. And smoke flowers. Smoking flowers let you time travel, I think. And make silver threads come out of my fingers.

So you go on, murdering away at all the things that want to live instead of the things you want to live. Starflower hasn’t thought about it, but pruning people would be easier than pruning trees, they don’t have roots.


Entry while High

All Gods High Zaeth ben_rae_5203